The work "THE FLOWERED SKULL" evokes in its iconicity the symbol of the first man in the world "ADAMO", who lies in the Eden of the imaginary, where nature is a sacred guardian. He observes us through digital creative visualization, which is the technological means of a shamanic evocation with which it is we can really perceive. In this moment his and our vision unite to give shape to an immaterial feeling, but intimately necessary which is the pursuit of happiness. The flowering of roses is the wait for a happy time, which is hope that Adam will meet his Eve again, which is a symbol of humanity and knowledge. Adam is waiting to be born again for love as time passes, identified in the three representations of the work; The day, the day that meets the night, the night. Having said that, more than ever this work was born from the anomalous expectation of this strange period. Where the men of Adam await a new love meeting, immaterial with humanity-Eve. She is a new knowledge, conveyed in an immaterial and revolutionary digital conduit. It leads us to consider whether reality still exists in this virtual world with the work itself created.


Title - THE ILLUMINANT MESSAGE Year of execution - 2013 Measure 43x26 Multi-material sculpture - Glass, Brass, Marble. The work is an homage to the Artist Hieronymus Bosch that with his own inquiring eye I turn to my soul exploring the spiritual concessive mechanisms. I whose search for a chink that induces me to emerge from it to the discovery of another dreamlike dimension. I am a visionary messenger, who having in my hand an illuminating flashlight I induce my way past a nonexistent barrier, toward an illusory hope.

The artwork "LO SGUARDO DEL FALCO" was selected for international exhibitions at the Norton Museum (USA) and at Changwon National University for the International Exchange Art Festival Invitation (SOUTH KOREA) as the only Italian representative artist.

Title: THE HAWK’S EYES – Measuring 140x100 technique; Oil paint on canvas wooden table support. The pictorial work "THE HAWK'S EYES" is the third in the series entitled "The Infinite Stories". In the garden of silence a red rose has blossomed, and a secret man looks high into the sky as he crosses space. The rose, noticing him, begins to desire him and the unsuspecting man, accomplished in his thoughts, becomes a visionary of a hawk that, having crossed time, appears in the moment in search of something flying over the garden. The rose resolute of passion, that man wants, while around her, a snake travels a street in search of prey. The rose asks the snake to kill the man, offering him the bed of its blood petals. The Hawk saw the fact, throws himself on the snake grabbing it, while the man with the eyes of the bird of prey noticed the red rose. He begins to love her with all her ardor, while the petals of the rose fade to death, leaving an illusory memory. The secret man has forgotten love, now he flies into space enveloped by his dreams. The work is present with its official international listing on the ARTPRICE platform.


Oil painting on canvas on wood support with size 140x100. AL HAKAWATI "The Storyteller "is the first pictorial-narrative work of a series, which arise from the silence of the soul between past and present in a journey towards the sacred and profane. In the journey, the viewer in the absence of a memory, erased by artificial theorems, gets lost only to find himself again and Al Hakawati becomes the narrator and guardian of an ancient tradition. The journey is that of the soul where history in search of an end, intertwining with others to infinity, is transformed into the history of man himself. The Storyteller's face appears in space and time, here he crushes with a demon who is part of his tragedy that tries to dissolve. The work is the first cameo of a tale made up of legends, where places are the meeting point of peoples who make their acquaintance in intertwining wonderful stories. Stories that escape reason leading us into the world of brilliant madness is misunderstood which makes the fire that feeds our passions burn.

Oil painting on canvas on wood support with size 140x100. The pictorial work "A BUTTERFLY ON THE MOON" is the 2nd in the series called "The Infinite Stories". In the darkness of cosmic space, where divine light is present, the planet earth appears with its aqua blue, set on fire by its dark humanity. The moon, melancholy, with its face created by ancient magic, looks at its beloved earth in a phase of devastation, while a multicolored butterfly, the last of its kind, can appear on its lips. And in its essence "endless soul" the Butterfly wants to rise again from its prompt death, asking the moon to welcome it as its new companion. The Butterfly remains motionless, resting on a red petal of a flower, to cloak the lips of the moon, devoid of any word, offering him as a gift that petal which is the bed of his pain and grave of his death. The Butterfly and the melancholy Moon, inert to the cycle of destruction, join a pain that flows into an excruciating love, waiting for a new humanity.



Title; THE JUDGMENT -Measuring 113X66
Mixed technique; casting bronze - agate stone - brass plate - ostrich egg. The work represents a moment in the book of Revelation, where the archangel Lucifer after his rebellion against God is defeat, is brought in front of God his father.It is shown here as an egg is a symbol of cosmic totality. And in front of the presence of the Father Creator, Lucifer covers his face in the sense of total shame for the act of treason. The mirror at the bottom is the reflection of God that reflects all the things of the world, and Lucifer is reflected in it, and is judged not only by God but by the whole of creation also represented with the material surface of gold that is divine light. Light even more powerful light emanating same Lucifer, whose meaning is "the One who shines over all" hence the title of “THE JUDGMENT“ which is the condemnation of the same Lucifer who is favorite son, to his fall into hell.

The work "Spirit of Light" brass metal and agate stone – height 78 cm, .is a powerful symbol of the freedom to be born spiritually. The image of a hand pointing to the sky, from which lightning illuminates a flying man, represents this process as a moment of grace and transformation. The flying man represents the freedom to be oneself, to live one's life authentically and in harmony with one's spiritual nature. It is the freedom to transcend the limitations of mind and body, and to connect with one's true essence and the Divine. This freedom is available to everyone, regardless of one's religious or spiritual beliefs. It is a gift that anyone can receive if they are ready to embark on their own journey of spiritual growth. This journey requires time and commitment. It is not something that happens suddenly, but rather a gradual path of transformation. It is a path that leads us to know ourselves better, overcome our limitations and connect with our true nature.

The pictorial work "DREAM OF FIRE is number 4 of the series "THE INFINITE STORIES". painting on canvas on wood 140x100. The work DREAM OF FIRE represents an experience of transformation or rebirth. The girl with closed eyes is in a state of transition, between the old and the new self. Her closed eyes indicate that she is in a state of meditation and reflection. She is immersed in her thoughts and emotions, trying to understand herself. The fire behind her represents the purification or transformation she is undergoing. Fire is a powerful element that can symbolize transformation, purification, passion or destruction. Fire represents the forces that guide the girl in her transformation process. The hands emerging from the fire represent the new forces that guide her. Hands are a symbol of strength, power and guidance. In this case the hands represent the new forces that help the girl overcome her fears and obsessions. The circle with the eye represents the inner knowledge or vision that the girl gained during her dream experience. The circle is a symbol of completeness, unity and infinity. The eye is a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment and inner vision. The circle with the eye represents the inner knowledge or vision that the girl gained during her dream experience. The circle is a symbol of completeness, unity and infinity. The eye is a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment and inner vision. In this case, the circle with the eye represents the inner knowledge or vision that the girl acquired during her dream experience. The portrait of the screaming woman represents the fears and obsessions that the girl struggles to overcome. The screaming woman is a symbol of pain, fears and obsessions that the girl is experiencing and trying to overcome.

The pictorial work "ROSA MANO" is number 5 of the series "THE INFINITE STORIES". Title: “PINK HAND “oil paint on canvas wooden table support - 140x100. ROSA MANO is desire, passion, joy and beauty, it is sexual intercourse, it is the flower of Venus, the blood of Adonis and of Christ, it is the metamorphosis of colors, the harmony of water and fire, it is the union of opposites it is a symbol of the impossible. From this passion where the snake of knowledge joins in abstraction with the rose, the feminine, with her gaze, testifies to the birth of a butterfly waiting to be captured, transformed, shaped in the moment of its existence. The hand, force of this birth, in its sprouts a magical circle, which the astral serpent has conceived, and where in it appears a child who is learning to walk, playing with his games. While around him, his innocent soul is reflected in the world, with the instinctive innocence of learning to know each other, within his dream which is the first experience of his existence. To dream, the child needs to sleep, he is the sleeper who foreshadows his death, in the name of the salvation of mankind. In this physical and spiritual act, the child is alone on the nakedness of the earth, it evokes the image of the future, of an abandonment to which he is destined. In reality, our symbol is the dream of this child, who in tradition is Christ, who must learn to be one before becoming a man. The circle in which the child plays is the construction of a sacred geometry, which contains the mystery of the perfect conception, of cosmic alchemy. Inside there is no beginning or end, it is implosion and explosion, light and

The pictorial work "SACRED HEART, BLACK CROW, WHITE CROW is number 6 of the series "THE INFINITE STORIES". Title: SACRED HEART, BLACK CROW, WHITE CROW oil paint on canvas wooden table support - 140x100. SACRED HEART, BLACK CROW, WHITE CROW From the darkness a circle of fire appeared that illuminate the starry sky and the calm sea. From the ring appeared the bleeding heart of the unknown soul of a traveling man. A trail of fire made its way out of the darkness and upon reaching the Heart, a Black Crow and a White Crow appeared burning. Their wings spread and flew inside the Heart. The Ravens arrived within the circle of fire joined with everything that was in the universe and by burning they joined the heart of the traveling man. CROW WHITE and CROW BLACK lost their identity and this was a good thing because good and evil came together in one thing and this diet hope to those who feel their pain.

The pictorial work "PSYCHE IN THE DEEP DEPTHS OF THE SEA AND THE RISE OF THE DANCING SATIRE' is number 7 of the series "THE INFINITE STORIES" - oil paint on canvas wooden table support - 140x100. The pictorial work 'PSYCHE IN THE DEEP DEPTHS OF THE SEA AND THE RISE OF THE DANCING SATIRE' transports us to a secret realm, immersed in the ocean depths, illuminated by a mysterious light. A gracile figure swims elegantly alongside dolphins, symbols of nature's strength and joy. Next to them, the figure of Psyche, the deity of the soul, appears, dropping into the marine depths from her eye. Psyche's enchantment is turned to the awakening of a long-forgotten statue. This statue, with its gaze, and the Satyr, an ancient nature deity, represent strength, vitality, and sensuality. The Satyr is depicted as a wounded and fractured figure, a symbol of human loss and suffering. The Satyr's desire to repair his fractured form is a symbol of hope and rebirth. He yearns to reclaim his rightful place in the present, representing the need to reconcile with our wild and primal nature. The pictorial work is interpreted as a metaphor for the soul's journey. Psyche represents the human soul, moving through the depths of the ocean of life. The Satyr represents the wild and primordial nature of the soul, wounded and suffering. The awakening of the Satyr is a symbol of hope and rebirth, representing the possibility of healing and reconciliation. The eye of Psyche is often considered a symbol of knowledge, awareness and vision. In this context, Psyche's eye plays a symbol of her spiritual enlightenment. Psyche has gone through a treacherous journey, but in the end, she has achieved knowledge and understanding of her true nature. The work is dedicated to the famous Greek Hellenistic bronze statue of the Dancing Satyr from Mazzara del Vallo in Sicily.

Oil paint on canvas wooden table support - 70x50. THE UNCERTAIN” or self-portrait, is a work representing the mask of the soul. The painting depicts a man's face as if it were a mask. This mask is composed of a combination of symbols representing the different aspects of the human soul. The two female bodies represent the duality of human nature, the combination of male and female. The nose with the key symbolizes the power of thought and knowledge. The key is a symbol of esoteric knowledge, which can open the doors of understanding. The triangular mouth represents the power of communication. The triangle is a symbol of the trinity, the mind, body and spirit. The protruding eyes represent vision, the ability to see reality beyond appearances. The protruding eyes are a symbol of intuitive knowledge. The intertwined knots of the hats represent the complexity of the human soul, its interconnectedness with the world. The knots are a symbol of union and connection. Eagle heads represent strength, wisdom and vision. The eagle is a totemic animal that soars high in the sky, capable of seeing reality from a broader perspective. Through the pursuit of knowledge, the artist aims to achieve a deeper understanding of himself and the world around him. Eagle heads can also be seen as a symbol of protection. The eagle is a powerful animal that can defend itself from threats. The artist, through his quest for knowledge and truth, wants to find the strength and wisdom to face the challenges of life. In conclusion, the pictorial work expresses his view of the human soul and his commitment to find the truth about himself and the world around him.

Oil paint on canvas wooden table support - 70x50. The Son of the Wind and Our Lady of Sorrows embody a compelling tale. The Son of the Wind, a majestic white horse, emerges from the heart of a sandstorm in the vast desert, galloping with unbridled freedom over volcanic magma. In a fascinating contrast, Our Lady of Sorrows Our Lady, adorned with seven swords, materializes on a playing card, evoking a deep sense of anguish. These two enigmatic figures exist in separate realms, each containing a tragic legend that captivates the imagination. Prepare to be swept up in the fascinating saga of the Son of the Wind and Our Lady of Sorrows. Imagine a magnificent white horse, the Son of the Wind, emerging triumphant from the depths of a swirling sandstorm in the boundless desert. With every step, he exudes a wild spirit, galloping with an exhilarating freedom that defies all boundaries. Now get ready for a captivating contrast. Here is Our Lady of Sorrows, adorned with seven swords, as she materializes before your eyes on a mystical playing card. Her presence evokes an oppressive sense of anguish, as if she were carrying on her delicate shoulders the weight of the world's sorrows. His image is an eerie reminder of the depths of human suffering. These two enigmatic figures, the Son of the Wind and Our Lady of Sorrows, exist in separate realms, each wrapped in its own tragic legend. Their stories, like whispers carried on the wind, have the power to ignite the imagination and transport us to unknown realms. Prepare to be enthralled as you delve into their captivating stories.

CHICCO BEAUTIFUL THE KNIGHT OF THE DREAM - oil painting on table - 70x50 - 2023 The artwork is a symbolic interpretation of a child transitioning into adulthood. The horse symbolizes strength and independence, while the black rose represents challenges and difficulties. The Greek mask represents creativity and self-expression. In this sense, the image of the artwork is an allegory of the journey from childhood to adulthood.